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WOOD … LEATHER … That’s it.

The Combination of Art, Nature and Technology
MANGOBEAT is a natural wooden enclosure, is made of mango wood from eco-managed forests.

Each piece is hand carved. Each MANGOBEAT is unique. This is a special object that amplifies the sound of all mobile phones, new or old. Without Electricity, Battery or any Connections. You just have to play the music on your device or put it in speaker for a conversation with others, and the volume is naturally increased.

A great tool for musical therapy

It increases music healing therapy experience. When use with healing music it become a healing instrument by reducing radiation and stripping or reducing non healing tone from music therefor exposing your body to the maximum healing tone, note or pitch that has a soothing effect on the body and mind, and this can help restore and improve meditation, emotional, psychological, and physiological health while It increases their concentration and reduces hyperactivity.

MANGOBEAT is a unique gift that combines art, nature and technology in a decorative and useful way.

How it work?

1. Place Your Mangobeat on a Flat Surface.
2. Launch Your Music on Your Smartphone.
3. Enter Your Smartphone in Your Mangobeat.

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